Cloud Cap Jewelry's Next Step

Cloud Cap Jewelry's Next Step

Cloud Cap Jewelry's Next Step

Hello all you wonderful Cloud Cap Jewelry supporters!

Just wanted to share our next step with you... we're opening a website of our own! It's a big step and has taken me (Laura) an incredible amount of time. Partly because I've been dragging my feet about having to do all the background work, and partly because I've been busy making jewelry.

Ya know what it's like when you drag your feet about doing a chore, and then it turns out that the work wasn't that terrible after all? Yeah....

However <dah dah dah DAHHHHH> Here we are! (:

Please please please let me know if you find anything with the site that's wonky or not working. As I've said, I skillfully (hahahahahaha) set it up with only a modicum of help from my tech savvy son, so it may have some glaring omissions.

One that I'm aware of is that I haven't yet tackled making a drop-down menu that will allow you to sift through all of our jewelry easily. That's still coming. I think.

Anyway, rejoice with us, we have a website of our own! And thank you so much for stopping by! <3 

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